Retaining Walls

Stone walls make beautiful retaining walls. Our craftsmen build retaining walls for new home construction, when you want to add a patio, or if you need a retaining wall to prevent erosion. If you have an old concrete retaining wall you would like to replace with a new and attractive brick retaining wall or stone wall, Bedsaul Contracting is the retaining wall specialist to call for the job. We are also an excavation company, so we can do the grading and site prep needed to install your retaining wall.

Add beauty to your landscape

Natural stone walls or brick retaining walls are not only functional, but can be a beautiful addition to your landscape. You have a variety of choices when it comes to the materials used for your retaining wall, including brick, fieldstone, cobblestone and more. Fieldstone walls in particular, make great retaining walls. Fieldstone walls have been around since colonial times, and can still be seen today.

If you need a retaining wall contractor who can craft functional, yet beautiful stone walls, contact us today.


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